Our Pellet Mill Obtains High Praise from Our Customers

On October 27th, 2017, our sales manager Grace received a letter of recommendation from one of our client Du Maroc from Morocco. He ordered one 3 tons per hour wood pellet plant in the beginning of 2015. The construction of this pellet making project was fished around May.

Project Info: 3 TPH Wood Pellet Mill Plant

Client Name: Du  Maroc
Capacity: 3 tons per hour wood pellet plant

Maroc pellet mill plant built for 3 ton per hour wood pellet manufacturing production
3 ton pellet plant project set up in Maroc for producing premium wood pellets
small scale wood pellet production plant built for one Maroc Client
build your own small pellet mill for making small scale wood pellets for burning and animal bedding

The raw materials is local wood brick, wood chips, wood shavings and sawdust (saw dust). This project adopts 3 sets of BPM 508 Ring Die Pellet Mill. According to the client's raw material, we made a complete and customized project plan. The wood bricks or wood blocks are processed in wood chipper. Then wood chips are further crushed in wood crusher. The crushed wood materials are storaged in wet material storage bin. Then the crushed wet wood materials are sifted by use of screening machine and then be dryed in dryer machine. After drying the they are storage in dry storage bin and ready to be transported to pellet making machines. Cooling machine is placed after the ring die pellet mill to cool the finished pellets to room temperaturer. After cooling the density wood pellets are transported to pellets packing equipment to pack the bulk wood pellets in small or large bags.

Till now, this pellet mill plant has been running for a year and half. In the letter he showed his satisfaction on our machinery and the finished pellets. He also share with us that he is going to push out horse bed pellets as the new products of his factory. The following is the original letter.

set up the best pellet proudction plant for making premium wood pelletsHello Grace.
The person from Kenia would like to open a production pellet plant of 5 mt per hour.
I gave him very good reference re your company and also some additional informations on running our plant that he was interested in.

We have started to promote your boilers and there is interest.
Will keep you posted if any development. However the power and size of these boilers is perfect for SPA, Hammam, gimnasiums and small hotels and resort.

The plant is running fine and we are starting to sell here in Morocco as well.
We have started a new product which are horse bedding pellets and there is a lot of interest (see picture attached).
Re ring die and spare parts we are still fine.

Most probably we will make an order within march next year.
Keep in touch.

Thank your for your trust and recognition! We will keep improve our equipment and technology to serve you better and better!

We feel excited whenever hear good news or praise from our customer. This news is no exception! Because of this letter, our day is more meaningful!

  • We are interested in purchasing the following product
    Pellet mill 20ton/h, Pellet mill 15ton/h, Mixer 2ton, Grinder 15ton/h, Roll grinder, Cooler 15ton/h
    PLEASE ALSO INDICATE: your terms of payment ( please notice that we want to visit your factory and have a look at your products also the the deal will be accomplished in china and we will import it by our selves )
  • Hi, thanks for your inquiry to our products. As for your request, we need to clarify the following questions first.
    1. Do you want two line 15ton/h & 20ton/h, why do you want?
    2. What kind of poultry do you want to feed, is it only chicken?
    3. What's the main material for the feed pellet, do you have any feed formula?
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