Tips for Starting and Running a Profitable Small Cassava Milling Business

cassava flour milling
Cassava Flour

Cassava is very nutritional product which is very healthy to our body in general.This product can be converted in different product in the small scale cassava milling production to ensure that you get all these products such as cassava flour in good quality.There are various processes which are followed to ensure that you get the best.This will involve various systems which will help the cassava roots to be transformed into cassava flour ensuring that it retains all its nutrients. (You maybe also interested in Cassava Starch Processing Plant)

Cassava Flour Milling Process

small cassava flour milling projects
Small Scale Cassava Milling Projects

Cassava flour is also known as Tapioca Flour. Below are the various processes that are involved in the making of the cassava or Tapioca flour:

  • Cleaning and Peeling of the Cassava

The first step that is done in the production of a high quality cassava flour in small cassava milling business is to ensure that they remove any dirt that may be on the surface of the cassava.This process will ensure that cassava washing and peeling machine which is a drum type is used to remove and enhance peeling of the dirt on the cassava.Another machine which is used in cleaning is further used to ensure that any dirt that may have been left during the peeling process is completely cleaned.The combination of these two processes ensures that a high quality cassava flour will be produced.

  • Crushing and Grinding

This process involves crushing of the cassava into powder form by ensuring that you only add very little water during this process to avoid any loss of the nutrients.By doing so the small cassava milling business do not filter these crushed material to ensure a very high quality cassava flour.

  • Removal of Sand

This is another very important process which will help in improving the quality of the cassava ensures that any sand that may be on the crushed material is completely removed.

  • Removal of Water

This process will help in ensuring that the water content in the crushed material is reduced in order to enhance the cassava flour to be made.This process will involve the dewatering machine which is centrifugal and which will help in removing the water content and this will help in ensuring that it dries well and
completely and also enhances the quality of the cassava flour.

  • Drying of the Cassava Flour

This process will use the air flow drier in order to ensure that any water content that is in the crushed material powder is blown away by the hot air thus ensuring the drying of the cassava flour is enhanced.

  • Screening and Packaging

After proper drying of the cassava flour the small cassava milling business goes to the next step of screening in order to ensure that it only takes the best quality for packaging and hence sell it to the available market.The poor quality cassava flour will undergo another process of crushing.

Major Cassava Market

The major countries that do import cassava flour are countries such as North America and Canada which are the highest importers of the cassava flour.The small cassava flour milling plant do make a lot of profits from selling of the cassava flour.

cassava flour market

For the small cassava milling business to thrive well and to produce the best quality cassava flour as well as make high profits they need to undergo the various cassava flour processes and this will ensure production of the best quality cassava flour.Feel free to contact us for more information about our cassava flour milling machines (
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